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The garden you’ve always wanted

Thirty five years experience in horticulture has given Philip opportunities to work in gardens of all kinds. Urban and rural, large and small, with and without professional staff, run on a shoestring and major investment.

It’s essential to avoid the potential pitfalls from the outset. Meet with Philip right from the very start of your project to discuss the design elements, features, materials and most of all the plantings that work together successfully for you and your garden.

Examples include:
  • A rock garden has been removed, allowing the replanting of a long mixed border, balancing the vista to the hills beyond Netherbury.
  • The removal and extensive pruning of trees and shrubs are opening up an established design, to develop the plant collection towards more unusual and exciting genera.
  • Semi-mature fruit and ornamental trees are being planted to develop the productivity and atmosphere of a small arboretum near Charmouth.
  • A design for a Secret Garden is being prepared as the second phase to a three acre project near Honiton. The brief is to screen the house and garden from a higher vantage point, add features in secluded arbours and create views across the surrounding hills. Both local retail nurseries and wholesale growers will supply the semi-mature stock for plantings of large shrub borders, groups of trees, archways and a willow tunnel.
  • The design, contruction and planting of domestic gardens in Bridport, Beaminster, Netherbury, Charmouth, Lyme Regis, Uplyme, Honiton, Taunton… and Kiddeminster.
IMG_0313Ground preparation ready for a new lawn.

 “Far from proposing they have all the answers, good designers simply bring their experience and knowledge of plants and their design process to your project. They work with clients to develop ideas which create glorious gardens from inspired designs. They don’t just look and listen, they see and hear. They know their jungle: enjoy being guided. Don’t go out without one.”

A partnership with a real plant enthusiast is always rewarding. You both improve your knowledge together. Knowing a plant well is fascinating and rewarding, but, understanding how it will thrive in relation to others, and how to maintain it as part of a design can only be won by experience. That experience is here for you to share and enjoy.
Imagine the time and money you can save! No design has a future unless it can be effeciently created, effectively maintained and steadily improved. Make those things possible and you will love the changes you create!

Despite the very best intentions how much gardening involves fighting “undergrowth”? Common problems include; “nice plant, wrong place”, over-crowded, mature plantings seemingly growing faster than ever, and of course, that classic overwhelming feeling “Oh! dear. What on earth can we do with all this?” Hence, numerous adverts in local press for “Garden Clearance” and the queue at the recycling centre.

STOP, start again, and grow “plantings designed by experience”. Bring calm back to your garden.

Next time you’re out in your space, imagine how you would like it to be, and how that would feel.

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